The rich, stylish aroma of fresh berries with highly refined exotic elements. A powerful burst of luxuriously acidic flavor adds a diamond-like sparkle to the taste.


A scent with the deep woody and spicy air of cloves. The warm, soothing aroma is reminiscent of whisky barrels that awaits the passage of time. The faint hint of freshness that you feel on the top notes evoke the prayers of the craftsmen hoping for the whisky barrels to age gracefully.


Our Spearmint Flavor Capsules are characterized by a mild yet profoundly sweet aroma, like sugar confectionery that fills the air and provides a refreshing sensation. The top notes are spicy with a slightly bitter accent, while the gentle green notes in the base evoke meadow scenes and brings the overall flavor together.


A taste inspired by iced mint tea. Fresh, sharp peppermint is topped with pink rose petals to add an overall mild and mellow sweetness. This fragrance images washes away the worries of everyday life and creates a refreshing and luxurious time that is – perfect for after bath or the time elapse.

Ice mint

Made with extremely refined natural menthol and carefully selected peppermint. The final notes of the flavor boost the sharpness and crispness of menthol, using a secret recipe providing just the right amount of minty sweetness.


The rich, stylish aroma of fresh berries with highly refined exotic elements. A powerful burst of luxuriously acidic flavor adds a diamond-like sparkle to the taste.

Blue berry

Our Blueberry Flavor Capsules feature a blend of rich, mellow grapes and sweet, elegant berries. While it is distinctly sweet and gentle, it also boasts a powerful, fruity aroma with a floral quality in addition to its milky taste. Enjoy this perfect balance of sweet and tangy flavors packed with charm. Experience the taste of Sunsho’s Original Blueberry Flavor Capsules for yourself.


Our Cherry Flavor Capsules introduce a distinctive cherry aroma into wafts of sweet nostalgia. The enticing sweet flavor has a hint of tanginess to make a rich harmony of flavors. Enjoy this gentle and refined fragrance with its fresh and delicious sweet and sour taste complemented with luscious notes of vanilla and anise. Experience the taste of Sunsho’s Original Cherry Flavor Capsules for yourself.

Grape Mint

Modeled after the fragrance of finely crafted non-alcoholic red wine. Elegantly acidic red grapes are placed in wooden barrels to breathe, bringing out their unique sweetness and adding a subtly rich aroma. This gives it a complex, full-bodied taste. One that is both charming and smart at the same time. An addictive aroma that brings out a new dimension of yourself.


Raspberries have been hailed as a super fruit in the health and beauty worlds. The raspberry’s lush juiciness, its distinctive bright red coloring, its perfect blend of sweetness and its tartness come alive to be expressed with a bold, popping feel. A great way to start your morning with a charge of energy for the new day.


Strawberry flavor with a floral sweetness in the final notes. Unlike regular strawberries that are fresh and light, you can enjoy a more complex flavor, not only freshness and sweetness, but also an elegant and sophisticated rich aroma along with cigarettes.


A taste inspired by highland wild berry farms. This flavor incorporates a wide array of wild berry elements (blackcurrant, cranberry, raspberry, blueberry, etc.) to capture not only a wild sweet and sour taste. It also provides a brilliant greenness of the leaves swaying in the wind, the freshness of the bushes, and the briskness of the air. The aroma invites you on a journey of self-discovery.


A joyful, lemonesque aroma that evokes images of the Mediterranean Sea. The vibrant tang of freshly picked fruit will refresh your mind and body.


A mojito aroma with a dry intensity in a clean, fresh citrus top note. The base note is cool and refreshing yet leaves a lingering aftertaste that attracts people. Enjoy a drop of magic that accompanies you in your everyday life.


A fresh fragrance of vibrant orange with nuances of depth and an exhilarating mint accent. The orange curacao has a sweet mouthfeel that conjures up images of a passionate sunset. Its bitter touch of orange and mint expresses a sharp sophisticated air.

Apple Mint

A combination of spearmint and apple. The dry mint creates a smart refreshing sensation and brings out the fresh, juicy sweet-and-sour taste of the apple with aromatic heart notes. It is an aroma that anyone can enjoy, combining sharp and light-hearted swiftness with a sense of calming.


This flavor boasts the concentrated taste of apricot. The nostalgic feel of the sweet and sour pulpiness, the fuzz of the apricots and white peaches, and the color and firmness of their skin. Rose notes accentuate the nectar of the apricots and plums. Adorable and innocent, leaving you wanting to skip with delight.


An invigorating aroma that is bursting with a banana flavor that spreads immediately and is wonderfully complemented with mint. The pairing of cool mint and sweet, rich banana scents will warm your heart like a ray of sunshine on a cold day.


A straight and direct taste that immediately gives you the feeling of discovering a lavish treasure. The pleasure of rich and juicy sweetness continues into the heart notes, which brings about a harmony of everything from the seeds to the green rind. The mellow, fruity fragrance evokes a truly authentic sensation, instilling power, and energy to live boldly in the present moment.


Enjoy the harmonious balance of the rich lychee aroma spreading from the top notes and finishing with a sweet milk flavor, heightened with a touch of menthol. The flavorful finish gives the feeling of a high-quality dessert.


A taste inspired by Mexican apple mangoes grown in a sun-rich environment. The fruity taste combines a perfectly balanced milky sweetness and a vitamin-colored tartness. This fragrance gives you the feeling of enjoying an oversized mango under the blue sky of a tropical resort – a truly extraordinary experience.


With its tropical, and elegant fragrance, it can live up to its reputation as the “queen of fruits”. A delicious taste that makes you feel like you took off on a flavorful honeymoon with the queen of all tropical fruits.

Musk Melon

Do you know the word origin of “Muskmelon”? “MUSK” represents its aromatic scent that evaluating its delicious fragrance. Our Muskmelon Flavor faithfully reproduces the musky aroma, capturing the bold and juicy sweetness of muskmelon in a capsule. The final notes leave you a joy with a soft and sweet aroma reminiscent of musk.


The peach flavor faithfully reproduces the characteristically sweet taste of white peaches. A fresh and juicy scent entices you to enjoy the rich harmony of flavors. We offer various peach flavors from pure White Peach flavor to Peach Mint flavor that provide a well-balanced combination of a rich fragrant and sweet base with the taste of fresh mint in the top notes and heart notes.


A faithful reproduction of the taste of pears, known for their sticky sweetness and mellow aroma. Our Pear flavor combines a mild fragrance from top notes to heart notes with a refreshingly tangy accent to provide balance.


Take a trip to the southern seas with this tranquil fruit aroma. The top notes have gentle citrus overtones, while the luxurious acidity and alluring mellow sweetness of ripe passion fruit spreads boldly from the heart to the base notes. You will feel like enjoying the sunset on a beach in the south seas. Just what you need to bring some relief to your tired body.


Our Watermelon Flavor Capsules boast top notes of sweet, ripe, red watermelon that are vivid yet elegant. The aqua notes tucked away inside emerge and drift up to meet you with a sophistication reminiscent of a marine resort. The final scent of vanilla wraps it up in a gentle, tranquil finish. Experience the taste of Sunsho’s Original Watermelon Flavor Capsules for yourself.


A slightly bewitching fragrance with an exotic atmosphere hidden in a sweet and mellow scent. The slightly spicy freshness is woven with vanilla and aged herbs, conjuring images reminiscent of a gorgeous oriental atmosphere. The aroma whispers to you sweetly and exotically, inspiring a passion to travel to new lands.


This flavor contrasts cool and warm elements for enhancing concentration. It features an herbal taste with spicy and citrus elements, combining the cool refreshing feel of grapefruit and basil with the warm elements of floral green cardamom accented with ginger. This aroma may give your confidence a boost by enhancing your concentration and re-energizing you before an important business meeting whether working from home or at the office.


A scent with the deep woody and spicy air of cloves. The warm, soothing aroma is reminiscent of whisky barrels that are aging with the passage of time. The faint hint of freshness that you feel on the top notes may very well be the prayers of the craftsmen hoping for the whiskey barrels to age gracefully.


An aroma with the deep woody and spicy scent of cloves. The warm, soothing aroma is reminiscent of well-aged whisky barrels. There are fresh well rounded top notes that mimic a smooth single malt aged in a wooden cask.


Enjoy an exotic teatime with an intricate blend of warming spices. The delicate, silky masala chai intertwines with the milk that gently envelops the Ceylon tea leaves. The refreshingly spicy top notes invite you to take a deep, revitalizing breath and escape from your daily routine.


The lavender flavor is tailored to match well with cigarettes so that it can be enjoyed without any unpleasant aftertaste. Enjoy the elegant, lingering scent of lavender.


A taste inspired by a walk in a rose garden with flowers shining with morning dew. An open rose garden rich with lush greenery and lovely pink rose petals. The fragrance invites you to take a break during your walk and breathe deeply, leading you to a moment of healing and peace.

Spicy Floral Citrus Mix

The combination of orange peel, lime, cinnamon, cloves, and several other spices produce a scent like distilled liquor. Enjoy the top notes of sweet and refreshing citrus, the enchanting heart notes that evoke distant memories, and the addictive fragrance that invites you to enter an artistic world.


Behind the pure white and rich frankincense is the aroma of clear liqueur. The Oriental vanilla taste has a melt-in-your-mouth sweetness that makes you feel like enjoying a delicious dessert.

Red Wine

A light-bodied red wine fragrance reminiscent of Beaujolais Nouveau (a rich wine made in the Beaujolais region of France). The red wine base gets a dose of sweetness from strawberry and blackberry tastes, which is then gently layered with the freshness of citrus and the depth of red roses. Add an air of elegance to your time alone with the grace and sophistication of its fruit fragrance.

Sparkling Wine

A sparkling wine flavor styled to pair well with cigarettes. The mellow sparkling wine aroma along with its bold popping sensation brings you joy.


A woody aroma as if it has been aged in oak barrels with high-quality drops of deep amber. There is also a faint sweetness of toffee. From its sparkling sublime top notes to its rich profound base notes, the elements of this flavorful fragrance combine to create a story.

White Wine

A romantic scent of innocent grapes that impatiently exudes a luxurious aftertaste. Its fragrance reminisces a mellow, pale-colored wine born from fertile land, evoking the imagery of a silk-clad woman dining in a fine restaurant.

Green Tea

A rich, fresh green tea flavor reminiscent of actual tea leaves. The smooth absorption of the green leaf flavor into your body revitalizes your mind like springtime. Enjoy the freshness of green tea with a taste that pairs well with cigarettes.

Tie Guan Yin

Tieguanyin tea has a refreshing and mellow aroma. With the luxurious floral top notes of tea leaves, and sweet and spicy heart note accents, this flavor recreates the gently roasted scent and harmony of tea leaves. The base notes have a fruity, honey-like sweetness that is characteristic of Tieguanyin tea. An invigorating scent that is for daytime refreshment.


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