The moment the capsule is popped, the world changes.
A new world opens. Work with us to create an innovative flavor capsule.
Become a pioneer with us, exploring new flavor trends together.
As your team, we will support your next success.
Flavor Capsule Innovation

Advanced Technology

~~Size, Hardness, Blend and Color~~
Customize your best ideas
with advanced technology.
Since its founding in 1993, Sunsho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has continued to push forward the manufacturing and development technology of softgel and seamless capsules in order to meet the demands of customers in a conscientious and elaborate manner. We propose optimal solutions to customer needs, fully utilizing advanced technology to control features such as the optimum capsule particle size (in particle diameter) according to the application, the exquisite hardness design that texture and effect, the optimization of the capsule color according to the scent image, and the development and blending technology of the original filling ingredients.

Diverse Application Development

From tobacco crush capsule flavor to aroma capsules and savory capsules, we flexibly respond to a diverse array of applications. We propose the optimal formulation for your unique application, considering factors such as size, hardness, coating design including solubility and the ingredients for recipe development.

An Array of Flavors

Original flavors beyond consumers' imagination using flexible recipe blending technology.
The choice of one flavor from a diverse array depends on your own mood and rhythm, and on the traditional flavors rooted in the history and culture of the country or region.
It depends on unique flavors never experienced.
With advanced recipe development and blending technology,
Sunsho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. supports the complicated needs of customers by developing flavors full of originality.

Minty Flavor, a feeling of refreshment

Menthol Spearmint Peppermint Gum mint
Ice mint

Fruity Flavor, sweet, gentle experiences

Berries Family
Blackberry Blueberry Cherry Grape
Raspberry Strawberry Wildberry
Citrus Family
Lemon Lime Orange
Apple Apricot Banana Cantaloupe
Lychee Mango Mangosteen Musk Melon
Peach Pear Tropical Watermelon

Spicy Flavor, unique accent to the product

Anise Cardamom Cinnamon Clove

Floral Flavor, aromatic accents to deep, luxurious flavors

Lavender Rose

Tea Flavor, unique country or region

Green Tea Tie Guan Yin

Spirits Flavor, rich flavors with unique profiles

Amarula Red Wine Sparkling Wine Whiskey
White Wine

Made-in-Japan Quality

Reliable, Stable Manufacturing Quality With Many Years of Experience Operating With Strict Japanese Standards.
Sunsho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has supported and continues to support product development in many fields, including pharmaceuticals, health foods, dietary supplements, and cosmetics, for customers mainly in Japan.
We are able to deliver high-quality products with precision due to our strict quality and safety standards that meet or exceed Japanese standards in all processes, from the product planning to formulation proposals, medicine development and manufacturing, and packaging.

Our Feature

Non-animal Products
Our plant-based capsules are an excellent way to approach animal-sensitive markets.
A wide variety of products
and flexible MOQ
Choose your favorite flavor or create a custom formula.
Global Standard
We meet the many different needs of today’s international markets, from product design to delivery.

Other Value

We flexibly support all customer needs.

a wide variety of
1 and 10 mm
color design
Custom capsule
breaking strength
Optimization for

Ideas & Skills

Enhancing & Expanding Ideas
To Create Success
With Customers
Experts in each field, including planning, sales, and prototype development, work together as a team support you with fluency in other languages. Please feel free to contact us. Share your inspiration and expand it with us into success.

Team Members

Motoyo KoyamaDirector
After graduating from a university in the United States, she became involved in automobile part exporting. She has since joined this company, helping to launch this project, and engaging in contract manufacturing and sales of health food for overseas markets and in aroma related products. As a solution provider she will work to ensure your needs are met, in communication with customers.
Akira SekiAccount Manager
After graduating from a university overseas, engaged in finance and export operations for food-related projects in Egypt and various projects in the Philippines and Vietnam. Leveraging the experience accumulated during his career, he proposes optimal approaches for customers.
Internal Sales
This team supports sales representatives around the world from our office in Japan. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
This team dedicates to manufacture your products with the cutting-edge technologies and ready to deliver them around the world. Let us help your production by manufacturing such high-quality capsules.
This team promises to the highest quality products by controlling its production process and to achieve higher satisfaction of customers. We also provide the best solutions for your quality issues.
This team commits its efforts to commercialize your product from conceptual idea. Please share with your idea which we support by our cultivated know-how, knowledge, and experiences through food and non-food development.
Head Office : 1468 Atsuhara, Fuji, Shizuoka 419-0201 Japan +81-545-87-5072
Tokyo Office : NT Bldg.7F 1-47-1, Oi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0014 Japan
Established : November 1993
No. of employees : 720 ( As of April 2020 )
Business : OEM · Encapsulation
Applications : Flavor · Aroma Capsule
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NT Bldg.7F 1-47-1, Oi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0014